Help!  We have lost contact with nearly 100 WGHS 1968 grads.  Please let us know if you are in contact with any of our missing classmates so that we can update our records and make sure they are invited to join the website.

We have many classmates that we are mailing to but because we haven't heard from you, we're not sure you are actually receiving our postcards.  If you have received communications from us, please call or drop us an email that we know we have the correct contact info for you.  Thanks.
Donna Anton, Susan Arena (Miner), David Balcazar, Jamie Baldovinos, Andrea Ballantine, Verne Bishop, Reginald Blanco, Suzanne Boehme (Forese), Lynn Bohstedt, Paul Caito, Elizabeth Calderon (Gutterrez), Michael Carey, Dan Carroll, Douglas Caufield, Janice Clark, Alan Cook, Nanci Dann, Deborah DeSempel, Rebecca DeSempel, Alice Diaz (Esparza), Gloria Dominguez (McClendon), Joan Duckgishel, Greg Elias, Jan Falk, Dianna Fantucchio (Ellis), Robert Gillespie, Theresa Gonzales, Scott Green, Barry Hector, Donald Holladay, Carol Hubacher, Robert Hurney, Linda LaRocca, Margaret Leeper, Frailey Lovett, Darlene Mazzone, John Mazzuca, Dwayne McCowan, Christine Mercer, Bonnie Moheiser, Neil Murray, Linda Mumaw, Deborah Nelson, Lynne Nelson, Craig Newhouse, Marjia Nilsson, Sandra Palacios, Maraget Parra (Alvear), Cheryl Pettit, Mary Pitt, Sharon Ponica, Patricia Rich, George Riojas, Noreen Roberts, Susan Rozell (McDougall), Regina Roberts (Morella), Judith Rodman (Barton), Salvador Rodriquez, William Rogers, Nolan Roll, John Self, Deborah Sheldon (Moore), James Simmons, Stan Simons, Janet Slothower, Judy Sporn (Weatherly), Charlene Stark, Karen Stevens, Christine Tate, Lawrence Taylorsen, Marta Thompson, Sheila Trotter, Smilja Vajs, Phyllis Vaughn (Antuzzi), Debra Vosseler, Kristine Wagge (Alvardo), Patti Warf (Brown), Janice Weber, Wayne Widden, Charles Winn, Linda Wonka, Barry Wright, Joseph York, Patricia Yount (Clark) Carol Zapien