Gone But Not Forgotten

                  Those we hold most dear never truly leave us...
                  They live on in the kindness they showed,
                  The comfort they shared
                  And the love they brought into our lives.

                                                                                     -Isabel Norton


Leon Aguirre   
Laurie Arena              
Raul Thomas Amaya    
Peter Anderson
Stuart Barrett
Brenda Bielick
Don Bishop
John Bothelia
Art Burrell
David Butera 
Ken Cakebread   
Al Canestrino              
Roy Chrisman
William Colbert  
Ronald Contorno       

Colleen Crosby  
Kevin David           
Terrance Dietrick
George Duncan         
Cheryl Dutre 
Mark Elwell   
Anthony Florio             
Marcia Galvan  
Fred Galvez            
Christina Godines
Randy Houseweart
Dwight Hunter
Carmela Infantino               
Greg Juarez 
Kendra Kelley                 
Ross Krings                  
James Lanfri                 
Christopher Lange          
LeRoy Leale 
Richard Leone
Jay Lopez               
Gary Lovoi                    
Nick Lygizos                  
Frank Maestas                
Elizabeth Maruca           
Grady Mathis  
Steve Maynard               
Richard McConnell         
Charlene McGuire  
Bill McPherson       
Gordon Page 
Dave Preovolos
Keith Puccinelli                
Timothy Reeves
Louis Ross 
Bill Roth                    
Michael Scardina 
Denise Taylor 
Celeste VanNoy
Juan Velez                     
Joseph Weller                 
John Wilkins 
Matthew Winston 
Press Winters             
James Zankiewicz

We Deeply Miss You!


Each time we have a reunion, we sadly hear of old friends that are no longer with us.  The names of classmates appearing on this list were given by family members, friends and classmates. If you know of others that have not been recognized, please email us and we'll update the list.